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Our story begins in 2016 with my two daughters Alexa (15) and Sabrina (11) and our Australian Cattle Dog Buster (FUN FACT: The Australian Cattle Dog was first nicknamed the "Heeler" by Aussie Farmers in the 19th century after the dogs ability to coral cattle by nipping at their heels!). 

Buster, from day one, has always been a very picky eater. My kids were concerned with his poor eating habits, and began to cook for him. The ingredients quickly morphed from store bought ingredients, to local farm bought organic ingredients. As they worked toward perfecting the recipes, Alexa and Sabrina carefully researched foods for Buster that were highly nutritional, safe for daily consumption, and foods that he truly enjoyed eating! This extensive research also led them to speak with animal nutritionists, to make certain the food they were making was the absolute best it could be.

Over the 2015 Christmas Holiday, my children approached me (Alex aka Dad) about starting a company to sell the food that they had created for Buster. In their hearts, Alexa and Sabrina really wanted to give other dogs in our area an opportunity to experience real, farm-to-bowl dog food.

Heelers is created to be simple, pure, and delicious. The ingredients we use are grown and raised locally, where we seek out those farms that practice the principles as set forth by the Farmers Pledge of New York. All of Heelers foods are made personally by hand, and prepared in small batches to ensure superior quality. We are located in Katonah, New York, and exclusively available to residents in Westchester County, Fairfield County, and Manhattan. 

Alexa and Sabrina set out to create the absolute highest quality dog food available, and in accomplishing this, also established the quintessential "Micro-Local" company! By keeping everything Heelers does (from production to consumption) at the local level, we are blessed to contribute to, support, and feed our local farms, businesses, and communities. We are 100% committed to this cause, and have absolutely NO intentions of ever expanding nationally. This is our promise to you - We are as local as local can get!

Alexa and Sabrina represent the 4th generation of family native to New York. In fact, our family has resided in Westchester County for over 100 years!


As parents, you can imagine how proud my wife Rosie, and I, are of our daughters! Teaching my children about entrepreneurialism has probably been one of the most rewarding endeavors I have ever undertaken. The lessons of operating a business is just something not taught in elementary, middle, or high school. The experience for my daughters will last a lifetime!​

We've dedicated Heelers to all of the wonderful dogs in our local communities that we call a son, daughter, sister, brother; and without question, our very best friend! Enjoy in good health!!


With Love,

The Amoriello Family

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