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​Prepared by hand in small batches, our food is gently steamed to lock in all of the nutrients and natural flavors. We take every effort to use ingredients that are grown and raised by local farms throughout upstate New York and Long Island, We seek out farms that practice "The Farmers Pledge of New York", a commitment by farmers to farming that assures healthy food, strong local economies, fair working conditions and wages, humane treatment of animals, and care of the land. It is our unwavering promise to create a dog food that is simple and delicious, pure, and of the absolute highest quality.​​ Heelers is real FARM-TO-BOWL food.

"I am delighted to see the care, quality, and thoughtfulness in Heelers foods. Love that your protein and fat% is moderate not crazy high, which is going to be great for the over weight dogs, and the dogs with kidney and liver issues."​

​​Cynthia Montague - Founder & Formulator at Biostar Whole Food Supplements

Feeding Instructions:

Heelers is already cooked and is ready to serve. To defrost, simply place package in water for 30-45 minutes. Serve cool, at room temperature, or warm according to your pet’s desired taste.

Beef Recipe_edited.jpg
Turkey Recipe.png

​​Every bag of Heelers contains over 60% protein (turkey and beef). We do NOT use by-products, meal, or organ (offal) meat in our foods.​

As a completely pure food, Heelers does not add synthetic vitamin supplement premix to our recipes. To balance your dog's diet, we recommend that you use Heelers in conjunction with an organic, whole food vitamin supplement such as Biostar Optimum K9 (, or Dr. Dobias Soul Food (​.

Heelers Made Fresh is a registered Corporation and is licensed with the New York State Dept. of Agriculture License No. 660496

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