​​​From Katonah, NY, our homemade dog food is possibly the purest food your dog can eat. Never processed, Heelers is prepared by hand in small batches to ensure superior quality. Our unique steam cook method locks in all the nutrients and natural flavors of the food...

Our Food

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Homemade Dog Food ​​​

Sourced From Local New York Farms. Simple, Pure, and Delicious!

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Heelers owners, and John Jay students Sabrina and Alexa Amoriello at Westchester Country Club 2017 Pet Parade! >>

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2017 Westchester Country Club Pet Parade!!

​​​​Our Story

Our story begins with my two daughters Alexa and Sabrina, and Buster our Australian Cattle Dog. Buster has always been a picky eater. My kids were concerned with his poor eating habits and began to cook homemade dog food for him using local farm bought organic ingredients...

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Heelers in Westchester Magazine!

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Homemade Organic Dog Food

A family owned and operated company


 Hi Heelers, 

I just wanted to let you know some great news. We heard back from Lily's vet after her annual exam and her liver values have decreased by half, which is incredible news!! The vet said to keep doing what we're doing with the Heelers food and the liver support we are giving her. BTW, her values had not decreased in seven years!

Amy and Devin

​​​Our Farms

Our ingredients are locally grown and raised by select family owned New York State farms. We use only those farms that have taken the "Farmers Pledge" implementing organic practices to ensure NO GMO's, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, or additives are used...

*Exclusively serving the Hudson Valley, Manhattan, Westchester and Fairfield Counties*

Heelers is licensed by the New York State Dept. of Agriculture License No. 660496

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